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About Australia


Australia is a great place for many people. So why is Australia so great? What sports do they play there? What are some famous landmarks? Let’s find out.

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100wc#8: Sly the Snake.


A man stood by the door and Knocked very softly, Sly opened the door with a creak that would make the bravest man scared. The man marched inside with out a word and then turned “One thousand dollars is what I said was it not?” He sneered as if he pitied Sly. Slicking back his dark greasy hair he stared Sly in the face until Sly spoke. “this house kept me away from my loving family for a week, I demand… Three thousand” Now the man looked angry he opened his mouth to reveal two pointed very sharp front teeth!!!

Student Blogging Challenge-Week 3


I get up at about 8.

For recess at school I have a muesli bar.

My mum drives my to school but sometimes I walk with friends.

It takes about 15 minutes to drive to my school.

A typical lunch at school is 10 minutes of eating and about 40 minutes of play.

In class we do literacy, art, maths, HSIE (Human Society and Its Environment), English and sport.

At school we use computers, laptops, Ipads and Ipad minis.

Break time for me and my friends can be very different varying from sitting and talking to playing sardines.

After the bell rings at the end of the day when our teacher says we can leave I go home.

Our school has a winter and summer uniform and also a sports one on Fridays only.

I enjoy dance most at school because it is fun and we learn how to be great dancers.

If I could improve the school I would add more equipment for the playground  for everyone to play on.

My sports and hobbies


5 days a week my time is full of work at school and homework. So what do I do in my spare time? My number one thing is archery which I started at the start of the year. I have always had a passion for archery since a very young age and have made a side variety of bows out of bamboo that have marvellous accuracy although they snap easily, consequently I rather going down to the archery club and using their magnificent recurve bows that may be taller than me but are my favorite thing to use in life. My life on the weekends so far must seem like it’s just archery this, archery that , archery everything. Well your wrong, on a Saturday it’s an early get up to go to drama and put all my heart into my lines. Then sometimes I might have a friend over and we do crazy things, but that’s a whole other story. On a Sunday I just chill at home on my trampoline and running with my dog, I love getting a garden stick and practicing y sword skills on the bamboo that looms above me further than I can see. That’s all I do on the average weekend although sometimes I do something completely irrelevant to what I usually do.

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In term 3 we are focusing on cyberbullying in our digital citizenship topic. I have made a storybird on how easlily a heart can be broken, I hope you enjoy it and learn about cyberbullying, helping others and to tell and adult when you need help.



Spelling 2.


Here is a paragraph with lots of my spelling words.

After paying his postage fees, John jumped aboard the yacht. He had sent a letter ordering the elixir of life immediately after he heard about it  in a magazine called “ridiculous chemistry!” John was undoubtedly rich: It was obvious by his clothes and the amount he would exaggerate things and overuse the word ‘like’. He was always annoyed by the postage fees being double the amount for him because it was manageable for him to pay more and still have enough money to live with and survive, unlike the poor and homeless who got charged one quarter of the percentages that he did. On his yacht he was thinking this for the four hundredth time when he came down with bronchitis which quickly became tonsillitis. He suddenly had a breakage inside and burst into a coughing fit. Suddenly a postman in a speed boat zoomed up and chucked a letter into the yacht. John caught it in the midst of his coughing grabbed the bottle inside and drunk it all in one gulp. He had done it, he had drunk the elixir of life and now he would live forever. In his glory he glimpsed the postman who was staring at him in the strangest way “um….” he said.

“What?” questioned John in what he thought was a posh voice.

“You do know that causes appendicitis, it was to get rid of the rats in your house!” the young postman screeched. But John had already dropped dead from the poison that was for mice and worked differently on humans. So that was the tragic last day of John’s life.



This week in spelling for our home work one activity: This activity was making a tagxedo (a word cloud). These are my spelling words for this week.spelling

Water Safety.


In class our topic this term is water safety. On our first day of learning we had two choices of activities the first was doing a comic on the ipad with a partner and the second option was to do a jingle on dangers to do with water in one section of the house. My friend Hannah and and I did the jingle soon realizing that we were the only ones doing it. As soon as we got a chance, we typed up the lyrics to it. So here it is.


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My Holidays


My holidays part 1.

My holidays part 2. 😀


:P My Holidays! :P


This year the term 1 holidays were great I had SO much fun. Here is what I did. On the first Monday of the holidays I went to my Friend Demi’s house and we had a lot of fun playing, riding our bikes and chasing her dog( Chester).  Then two days later our cousins came over from foster. Their names are Joss and Henry. the next day I went surfing and swimming at the beach with my friend Hannah, the water was cold at first but then it was nice. After that I just chilled at home and at friends houses until the last Friday of the holidays when I went  to Oakvale farm, where we fed alot of baby animals like sheep, pigs, goats, cows, kangaroos and many more! Then we went to the guinea pigs that were at the farm and we got to hold one that was about 3 days old, it was as big as my thumb!

So that was my fun holidays and I hope everyone else liked theirs as much as me! 😀 🙂 😛

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