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100wc week 13- The house by the lake


Creaking slightly, the door swung open. My beautiful, elegant sister let out a shriek , as a grotesque figure stood in the mud splattered door frame. Shadows framing his stoney face, the man at the window remained still. The grotesque creature stumbled towards as, faster and faster it came! Its blood shot red eyes gleaming, filthy, greasy black hair covering its  back… Then it leaped!

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About Australia


Australia is a great place for many people. So why is Australia so great? What sports do they play there? What are some famous landmarks? Let’s find out.

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Inanimate Alice Ep4 Intro.


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As I strolled along the river, a pair of marvellous boots floated down the stream. The gorgeous boots were on a pair of hideous legs, had half a mind to save who ever the boots belonged to. I was broke though, just a poor little girl and I had no shoes. So I scooted down the rocks and plucked those fancy boots off And slowly and carefully skidded them on. That night I slept on the street a little warmer. Awoken the next day I slowly opened my eyes to find that the boots had gone. It was only a dream.

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100 Word Challenge Week #9.


The violent storm was pounding on Molly’s window and she scream in fear. Molly was petrified of water and was sent to a school for children with phobias where she lay now, her eyes wide, her breathing could be heard all over the school. That was when the leak started. Water dripped from the roof splashing on Molly’s face. Molly only had one thought in her head –  I’m going to die! Then it stoppedand the moon was out again and the rain was over she had survived. She was no longer afraid of water, she had overcome her fear.

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100wc#8: Sly the Snake.


A man stood by the door and Knocked very softly, Sly opened the door with a creak that would make the bravest man scared. The man marched inside with out a word and then turned “One thousand dollars is what I said was it not?” He sneered as if he pitied Sly. Slicking back his dark greasy hair he stared Sly in the face until Sly spoke. “this house kept me away from my loving family for a week, I demand… Three thousand” Now the man looked angry he opened his mouth to reveal two pointed very sharp front teeth!!!

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Student Blogging Challenge-Week 3


I get up at about 8.

For recess at school I have a muesli bar.

My mum drives my to school but sometimes I walk with friends.

It takes about 15 minutes to drive to my school.

A typical lunch at school is 10 minutes of eating and about 40 minutes of play.

In class we do literacy, art, maths, HSIE (Human Society and Its Environment), English and sport.

At school we use computers, laptops, Ipads and Ipad minis.

Break time for me and my friends can be very different varying from sitting and talking to playing sardines.

After the bell rings at the end of the day when our teacher says we can leave I go home.

Our school has a winter and summer uniform and also a sports one on Fridays only.

I enjoy dance most at school because it is fun and we learn how to be great dancers.

If I could improve the school I would add more equipment for the playground  for everyone to play on.

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Inanimate Alice Questions & wonderings


Why are Alice’s family on the run? Why do they live so far away from towns.

What type of camp are they in?

Is her dad being paid for the oil he finds or is it for hid family?

What do Alice and her family look like?

Why does Alice’s dad go alone to get oil? Is it dangerous?

Are alice’s family broke?

Did Alice oncle live in a city at one point in her life?

Are there other people in base camp?

Does alice like drawing as her favorite thing to do?

Is brad someone she knows?


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Dot of the day. ☺☻


dot of the day

At school we read The Dot and we have been preparing amazing creations for International Dot Day. In computers today we made an ABCya animation. Click on the image to see the animation.

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My sports and hobbies


5 days a week my time is full of work at school and homework. So what do I do in my spare time? My number one thing is archery which I started at the start of the year. I have always had a passion for archery since a very young age and have made a side variety of bows out of bamboo that have marvellous accuracy although they snap easily, consequently I rather going down to the archery club and using their magnificent recurve bows that may be taller than me but are my favorite thing to use in life. My life on the weekends so far must seem like it’s just archery this, archery that , archery everything. Well your wrong, on a Saturday it’s an early get up to go to drama and put all my heart into my lines. Then sometimes I might have a friend over and we do crazy things, but that’s a whole other story. On a Sunday I just chill at home on my trampoline and running with my dog, I love getting a garden stick and practicing y sword skills on the bamboo that looms above me further than I can see. That’s all I do on the average weekend although sometimes I do something completely irrelevant to what I usually do.

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